Friday, March 23, 2018

Pastor Rick VanWagner Says Attending School ‘Open House’ Event Provides Crucial Insight

Few things set the tone for your child’s upbringing quite like their early education does. Thus, finding a facility that is aligned with your household values and is staffed by talented teachers, staff and administration is a priority that should rank rather high on the to-do list.

Fortunately, entities like Family Christian Center School in Clermont FL are among those organizing open house events to give the public a better idea of what goes on during a typical school day. In this article, we’ll explore reasons why attending an open house at a school you’re considering for your child is a worthwhile use of your free time – even if it means rushing there right after the workday has wrapped up.

Face-to-Face: There’s no better way to get to know those you’ll trust to educate your children than by meeting them in person. According to Pastor Rick VanWagner, whose Family Christian Center School in Clermont FL is scheduled to hold an open house of its own on Thursday, April 19, 2019, parents and guardians are a welcome sight. The reason for this is because it’s rare for parents to have the time to stop by and chat with educators outside of a phone call. During an open house event, you’ll learn about education certifications, teaching style and subjects that will be covered during the upcoming academic year.

A Cornucopia of Coursework: When attending numerous open houses events, Pastor Rick VanWagner says it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the options. That’s why you should make a list before heading out of topics you’d like to ask about or hear about. Interested in the athletic program? Be sure to swing by the gymnasium and see if someone there can answer your questions about soccer, basketball or volleyball teams. If you’re like many other parents who’ve opted for Family Christian Center School in Clermont FL as your school of choice, you’ll want to see what Bible study classes are available.

Key Consideration: No matter how much you like a certain school, it’s important to ask your child if they feel the same way. Pastor Rick VanWagner says that listening to your young one about their preference could be the most important step in the decision-making process. If problems should pop up later in the school year, you’ll be able to point to the fact that you both agreed to this school as the best bet. When you pick a place like Family Christian Center School in Clermont FL, however, you can rest assured that the utmost attention is devoted to every educational aspect.